"God's" Door

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"What is an outcast?" A simple question, but a deeper meaning is dropped on Lance conner's shoulder. The world is filled what people with amazing abilities, and yet he lays near the bottom for the simple reason of "lacking God". They would be correct. The pathway to "God" never came to Lance. No instead the path of a "heritic" is wide open for him.

What kind of future awaits a man "abandoned by god"? One could only wonder what kind of hell a person like that can take. No is that person even human, not knowing the power of "god"?

Do you wonder? Does your curiosity burn to know? If so, take a peek. Just a small glance, and wonder the single question.

"What is an outcast?" and, if even more so, wonder if you should hate another for a single difference or not.

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  • "God's" Door
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