A Practical Guardian

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He woke up in an unknown land, reborn into a younger, healthier body.


No pixie to explain his purpose, no helpful popup with information. He has began this journey alone, but he does not fear. Inside the youthful frame is the mind of an adult. There is no existential angst, no despair. This is simply another thing he'll have to do.


He is no naive hero, no overpowered monster from a realm of gods. He has no quips, no one-liners. He does not look for love, nor desire to build a harem. He is a dreamer, a philosopher, a veteran, a lover of good fiction, but most importantly...

A Practical Guardian.

Writer's Note:

This is my attempt to subvert some of the more common ideas I've seen in the "Fantasy Reincarnation" branch of the fantasy genre. This is also the first thing I've ever attempted to write longer than an essay. Expect low quality, numerous errors, inconsistent logic, and delays. Thank you.

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  • A Practical Guardian
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