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It was 3990, A cyborg joined the 36th galactic war between humans and extra terrestrial life forms however due to unknown explosion in the enemy base during the final battle the cyborg Zeno died..or maybe not

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  • Cy
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Latest release - ch. 12.0
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Cy 12 Entry no. 12 Platoon 90 RoyalRoadL
Cy 11 Entry no. 11 RoyalRoadL
Cy 10 Entry no. 10 RoyalRoadL
Cy 9 Entry no. 9 RoyalRoadL
Cy 8 Entry no. 8 RoyalRoadL
Cy 7 Entry no. 7 RoyalRoadL
Cy 6 Entry no. 6 RoyalRoadL
Cy 5 Entry no. 5 RoyalRoadL
Cy 4 Entry no. 4 RoyalRoadL
Cy 3 Entry no. 3 RoyalRoadL
Cy 2 Entry no. 2 RoyalRoadL
Cy 1 Entry no. 1 RoyalRoadL
Cy The beginning of the end (Prologue) RoyalRoadL