Wushu Overlord (武术霸主)

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More than thousand years ago, the legends regarding the gods joining hand with the Buddha to overcome the threat of the Prime Evils is spread across the continent. a total of seven Prime Evils is imprisoned under the mercy of the Buddha, while the World belonged to the men remain as a clear, bright piece of land under the care of the heavens.

But in between the flows of time, the seven Prime Evil did not forget their failure and still looking for the chances to reemerge into this world belonged to men once again, to challenge the god and Buddha one more time.(Synopsis is still in revision. A more completed and suitable version will be edited once it is made.)

Book 1 - Expected to be about 100 chapter.Chapter 1-9 (Walking into the path of a Martial Cultivator.)Chapter 10-Current (Martial Cultivator, Universal Engraver.)

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  • Wushu Overlord (武术霸主)
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Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 17 Chapter 17 - Martial Mountain Range Province - Qualifying match. RoyalRoadL
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Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 14 Chapter 14 - Martial Mountain Range Province - Second time in Golden Yang Pagoda. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 13 Chapter 13 - Martial Mountain Range Province - Universal Engraver against Universal Engraver. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 12 Chapter 12 - Martial Mountain Range Province - Ancient Palace's Royal Garden! RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 11 Chapter 11 - Martial Mountain Range Province - Yang. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 10 Chapter 10 - Martial Mountain Range Province - Three Main Power! RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 9 Chapter 9 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Rewards. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 8 Chapter 8 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Hunted. Who? RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 7 Chapter 7 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Kong Shaolin Branch Abbot - Chen Zhan. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 6 Chapter 6 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Disciple Competition. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 5 Chapter 5 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Co-Exist. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 4 Chapter 4 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Mountain Kings, Yuan Hu & Yuan Hou. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 3 Chapter 3 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Buddha's Gift to a King. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 2 Chapter 2 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Huangfu Yang kneels to Master! RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) 1 Chapter 1 - Ru Lai Hidden Peak - Empty Shaolin Branch. RoyalRoadL
Wushu Overlord (武术霸主) Prologue RoyalRoadL