The Way of Sages

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The accounts of the little orphan that grew to challenge empires, slay demigods and win the hearts of princesses. Fabled to be a natural genius of combat and magic alike, but what they don't see is the mind that dared to do what others wouldn't and the friends and mentors that guided it. Follow Ren as he carves his own fate, forms his own magic, and tests his own will.

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  • The Way of Sages
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The Way of Sages 4 Chapter 4 RoyalRoadL
The Way of Sages 3-2 chapter 3. Part 2 RoyalRoadL
The Way of Sages 3 Chapter 3 RoyalRoadL
The Way of Sages 2 Chapter 2 RoyalRoadL
The Way of Sages 1 Chapter 1: Her RoyalRoadL