Apocalypse? Paradise.

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It's was a little cloudy on that spring morning.

The day the world ended and the apocalypse started for humanity causing 80% of the population to turn into bloodthirsty deranged husks of their former selves, preying upon the remaining fifth of the population trying to survive.

As for those different from the society at large? Who don't fit in with the societal rules? Who we called monsters even before the apocalypse? The broken creatures who wore human masks even before the day the world ended, now crawling out from the darkest dephts of the society to unveil themselves. Did they too witness the end of the world, or the creation of paradise?

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  • Apocalypse? Paradise.
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Apocalypse? Paradise. 3 Ch. 3 "Do you know hold'em?" RoyalRoadL
Apocalypse? Paradise. 2 Ch. 2.5 Second day of Paradise "Devils Bargain" RoyalRoadL
Apocalypse? Paradise. 2 Ch. 2 Second day of Paradise RoyalRoadL
Apocalypse? Paradise. 1 Ch. 1 First day of Paradise RoyalRoadL