Bound by Blood

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In three days, 10 children were abducted and declared missing. Fourteen years later, we're thrust into the lives of these people when everything they've decided to leave behind comes back around to bite them twice as hard. Will they come out on top? Or will they succumb to the darkness that seems closer to them than ever?

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  • Bound by Blood
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Bound by Blood 5 Chapter 5: #10 Allen Windle RoyalRoadL
Bound by Blood 4 Chapter 4: Day 1 of 3,650 RoyalRoadL
Bound by Blood 3 Chapter 3: After the Funeral RoyalRoadL
Bound by Blood 2 Chapter 2: 14 Years Ago RoyalRoadL
Bound by Blood 2 The Cannibal Wolf Qidian International
Bound by Blood 1 Chapter 1: Reunion RoyalRoadL
Bound by Blood 1 Arriving at Iron Forge City Qidian International