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Maximilian, brought into a God's rat race to fill the numbers, was transported into another world. Nothing like the briliant contestants that fill the other spots, Maximillian was an afterthought in the God's game. The God went so far as to give Maximilian a weapon that he considered a joke.

Unknowingly giving Maximilian his only advantage.

Hello there, to be perfectly honest, I decided that I wanted to upload something to this site, and have been spitballing ideas for massive epics that span novels worth of content, but have decided to to just upload a whimsical story that I wrote on the day of uploading this fiction. I have no plan for this story, nor will it be particularly original by any means, and updates whenever I write something, so please don't bet on it being a work of art by any means! I will try to make it at least an enjoyable experience!

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  • Unwieldy
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Unwieldy 10 Chapter 10: A Day of Rest RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 9 Chapter 9: About a Bet RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 8 Chapter 8: The Beginning of Pain RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 7 Chapter 7: God Gossip RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 6 Chapter 6: I'm an Idiot? RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 5 Chapter 5: Who's an Idiot? RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 4 Chapter 4: The Cost of not Knowing RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 3 Chapter 3: Boo! RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 2 Chapter 2: Hammer in the Dirt RoyalRoadL
Unwieldy 1 Chapter 1: Literally the Last RoyalRoadL