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Wed 2020.10.28

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Kairos 9-04 (Heretical Edge 2) Anyone Questioning How She Got Herbie Into Her Hand Like That Should Remember The Power That Lets Her Transfer Non-Living Objects Anywhere On Herself, Asenath, Avalon Sinclaire, Been Sitting On That Moment Since Book One Arc Five, Deveron Adams, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Fossor, Fossor Would Really Like To Know What The Fuck Flick Killed In The Future To Get Archangel Wings, Herbie, Heretical Edge, Joselyn Chambers, Lillian Patters, Roger Dornan, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, Tribald Kine, UUUUUUU -Raise Both Middle Fingers- UUUUUUU, Virginia Dare, What‚ Did I Forget To Tell You Guys That Herbie's Last Name Is Chekhov? Heretical Edge

Fri 2020.10.23

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Kairos 9-03 (Heretical Edge 2) Asenath, At This Point Everyone Kinda Figures Helping The Girl With Necromancy Powers Who Also Knows What Fossor Is Doing Get To Where He Is Should Be A Priority, Avalon Sinclaire, Columbus Porter, Deveron Adams, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Fossor, Fossor Is Starting To Think Pissing Off This Many People Might Have Been A Strategic Error, Heretical Edge, Hisao, I Think I Saw A Kitchen Sink Punching Someone Somewhere In There, Joselyn Chambers, Koren Fellows, Lillian Patters, Miranda Wallbern, Nevada, Rahanvael, Risa Kohaku, Roger Dornan, Roxa Pittman, Sandoval Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Seamus Dornan, Sean Gerardo, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, Tribald Kine, UUUUUUU -deep breath- UUUUUUU, Virginia Dare, Vulcan Heretical Edge

Mon 2020.10.19

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Kairos 9-02 (Heretical Edge 2) Amitiel/Mercury, Anyone Else Notice How Flick Keeps Doing A Tiny Bit Better Every Time She Attacks Fossor? At This Rate‚ She'll Only Need Another Ten Years Or So To Kick His Ass, Apollo, April, Asenath, Avalon Sinclaire, Aylen Tamaya, Benji Carfried, Brom Bones, Columbus Porter, Duncan, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Fossor, Gabriel Prosser, God Damn That Is A Lot Of Tags, Guinevere/Lancelot, Heretical Edge, Hisao, Ian Gerardo, Joselyn Chambers, Koren Fellows, Mateo, May, Miranda Wallbern, Misty, Nevada, Pace, Quick‚ Someone Find Some Epic Battle Music To Put On., Rahanvael, Risa Kohaku, Roxa Pittman, Sandoval Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Sariel, Sean Gerardo, Seller, Shiori Porter, Twister, UUUUUUUUUUUUUU, Virginia Dare, Wyatt Rendell, You May Think That First Tag About Flick Is Sarcastic‚ But Ten Years Isn't Bad Considering How Long Everyone Else Has Failed To Stop Him. Heretical Edge