Dread Lord

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The universe of Ansera is dying and has been for a thousand years. Tides of world-killing dark magic known as the Silence have swept across the realms following the birth of the Dread Lords, eldritch godlings who seek only to devour the universe and each other in a bid to ascend to the Beyond. There are no prophesied heroes to do battle against the darkness. There are only the Covens: bands of witches sworn to serve an Aspect of the Silence, conquering the world for their dark deities. To lose the war is to be consumed. And death is no longer an escape.

Ari Megradzi is thoroughly sick of running. She spent her entire childhood hiding from the All-Mother's Coven, and she's tired of fighting to hold back a power she can barely understand, much less control. So when her mother falls ill with the sort of sickness only the Coven's Black Priests can heal, Ari sells herself to the witches to secure her mother's care and the rest of her family's safety. The Coven is thrilled to have a Scion of the Calamity--the Aspect of destruction--on their hands.

To survive, Ari is going to have to become their weapon, and to do that she'll need to grow her power, navigate cut-throat Coven politics, and build a cabal--a group of deadly consorts who will protect her with their lives and help level up her abilities.

This is an 18+ dark fantasy/progression fantasy/slow burn harem story with a little cosmic horror flavor! The MC is female with an all-female harem. Updates daily. If you'd like to support the story, please consider checking out my Patreon for early chapters and bonus scenes! Thank you! ^^

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