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Soletus, a young elf, was looking forward to completing his monk training to become a Warden of the Dias Brotherhood. However, he is held back by his well-meaning, but strict father. Instead of joining the ranks, he is paired up with a traumatized shy boy name Mien. Between Mien's anxious odd behavior and the crime he committed, helping him isn't a duty that Soletus enjoys and isn't one he's been trained for. Soletus is about to give up on him until Mien saves his life. And Soletus decides that the boy deserves another chance despite what he's has done.

Author's note: Thanks to everyone who stops by and those who leave comments and rating. These are not requres so I won't wish ill-will if you don't.

I will put the link of this web-novels web-site here when I get further along. Currently, I'm editing the chapters a little more so the updated verison is here. The web site has an older version of the story. The changes are rather minor in that it's nothing that affects the plot, just the wording of a few things. I am dsylexic and while Hy-Ruh-Ha has been edited multiple times, I've this lovely ability to overlook things. So if you spot one of those pesky errors do tell and I will fix it. And given that this is an edit, I currently don't have a schedule so to speak. I post as soon as I get finished and that depends on chapter length, the issues, and local distractions.

Questions are welcomed.

This story is part of a larger project and is pre-written. I do plan to share it all.

-Lady J. Ander

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