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Wed 2019.11.13

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Learning Days Daze 2-05 (Heretical Edge 2) Avalon Sinclaire, Aylen Tamaya, Bobbi-Bobbi, Considering What A Non-Grandfathered Top Fomorian Scientist Would Have Done With Tartarus‚ It's Safe To Say The Monster Who Tore Him Apart Saved The Universe., Felicity Chambers, Flick, Good Thing Tabbris Has DVR So She Can Go Back And Watch The Past Few Minutes Of The Show., Guinevere/Lancelot, Heretical Edge, It's Really Easy To Forget That Tristan Spent Five Years Touring The Universe On A Spaceship‚ So It's Fun When That Gets To Be Relevant., Rebecca Jameson, Sovereign, Tabbris, Tristan Moon, Vanessa Moon, Virginia Dare Heretical Edge

Fri 2018.06.29

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Homecoming 35-07 Bobbi-Bobbi, Columbus Porter, Everything Is Absolutely Fi... Fire. Everything Is Fire., I'd Say Definitely Not Avalon‚ But That Might Be Rubbing Salt In The Wound., Koren Fellows, Let's Be Honest‚ Flick‚ Tristan Could Have Played Much More Embarrassing Music Than Something Uplifting And Romantic When You Were Kissing Shiori., Manakel, Of All The Dangerous Things You've Done‚ Manakel‚ Pissing Off The Shippers Right When Avalon And Flick Were About To Reunite Might Be The Worst., Scout, Sean Gerardo, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Vulcan Heretical Edge

Mon 2018.05.14

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Hoc Est Bellum 34-05 Apollo, Bobbi-Bobbi, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gidget, Gordon Kuhn, I Hope The Seosten Have A Really Good Mop To Clean Up What's Left Of Occator, Jazz Rhodes, Larissa Mason, Nemestrinus, Nimue/Athena, Occator, Roxa Pittman, Sands, Someone Should Probably Get Roxa Something To Wash The Taste Of Dead Seosten Out Of Her Mouth., Sorry‚ This Chapter Didn't Have A Large Enough Budget To Show The Athena And Apollo Versus Radueriel And Abbadon Fight., Tabbris, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon Heretical Edge
Gathering Force 33-06 A (Nearly) Extinct Species That Built Incredibly Powerful Androids‚ Which Outlasted Their Parent Race? If They Looked Like Dogs‚ I'd Be A Chee-ter., Bobbi-Bobbi, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Geeze‚ Tristan‚ Telling A Story Out Of Order With A Bunch Of Jumping Back And Forth In TImeline And Perspectives? What Kind Of Storyteller Does That?, Gidget, Gordon Kuhn, Gus, Haiden Moon, Jaq, Jazz Rhodes, Jokai, Larissa Mason, Lord Yup, Nimue/Athena, Roxa Pittman, Sands, Tabbris, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon Heretical Edge

Wed 2017.12.20

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Mini-Interlude 48 – Vanessa and Tristan And You Guys Thought That Only The People In Seosten Space Were About To Get Power Upgrades., Apollo, Aylen Tamaya, Bobbi-Bobbi, Bribing Vanessa With Books And Tristan With DBZ References - If Nothing Else - Apollo Sure Knows His Audience., Dominic Kreis, Freya Sullivan, Professor Carfried, Sean Gerardo, Sovereign, Tejas Bhola, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Vulcan Heretical Edge

Fri 2017.06.16

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Sharkhunt 23-01 Bobbi-Bobbi, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gavin Rish, Gordon Kuhn, Gus, Herbie, I Have Absolutely No Idea What Kind Of World This Harrison Guy Could Possibly Have Gone To. It's Gonna Bug Me Forever., Jaq, Jazz Rhodes, Nevada, Rebecca Jameson, Sands, Sean Gerardo, Shiori Porter, Travis Colby, Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon, Vulcan, Wait Until Avalon Begs For An Autographed Tee-Shirt., Zeke Leven Heretical Edge

Tue 2017.03.07

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Mini-Interlude 20 – Scout Arms Or No Arms - The Snake Would Still Be A Better Batter Than I Am., Bobbi-Bobbi, Liam Mason, Sands, Scout, Scout's Hatred Of Memory Spells Is Going To Collide With The Truth About Her Father's Past Actions Like A Freight Train Hitting A Pile Of Bricks., Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon Heretical Edge