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Mon 2019.06.03

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Summer Epilogue 11 – Eden’s Garden Victors (Heretical Edge) Alexander Helios, Aniyah Keita, Benedict Arnold, Between Calafia On The Crossroads Committee And Cleo Selene And Alexander Helios As Victors‚ Cleopatra's Children Have Made Out Well For Themselves., Cahethal, Carseus Elsen, Cleopatra Selene, Fu Hao, Hannah Beckman, Heretical Edge, Ikita, Kyril Shamon, Lorenzo Hunt, 'Nip This In The Bud?' If That Was Any Closer To The Fruit Talk‚ I'd Think Flick Was Somehow Reaching Up Through Her Own Bloodline To Force Her Ancestor To Pun., Prestor Cannon, Quevias Quarter, Remember Bennett, Wait‚ Prestor Cannon Is His Real Name? Yeah Right‚ I Bet It's Something Like Ebenezer Keester., Zoya Dalal Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.02.06

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Patreon Snippets 6 Abigail Fellows, Edeva Atherby, Gabriel Prosser, Goddamn It‚ Me‚ Stop Making Pericles' Death Even Worse., Guinevere/Lancelot, Hang On‚ Mr. Drive-By Exposition‚ WHY Are Pieces Of Arthur's Skeleton Buried Around Crossroads?, It Basically Got Skimmed Right Over‚ But Puriel Recognizing That Theia Killed Kushiel To Save Her Host And Not Showing Disgust At That Is Kind Of Huge., Joshua Atherby, Karlee, Lyell Atherby, Pace, Percival, Puriel, Remember Bennett, Seller, Somehow‚ Being Thrown In A Lake Seems About Right For Kushiel's Monument On Earth., Spark, Teures, Theia, Uncategorized Heretical Edge

Wed 2018.12.26

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Patreon Snippets 5 Aconitum, April, August, December, February, Fossor, Here's A Tip: If You're Standing With Forty Friends Pointing Guns At The Monstrous Evil Necromancer And He Doesn't Seem Concerned? Run., I Guess Flick Couldn't Win The Lottery On Nice And Understanding Relatives Forever., January, July, June, Klassin Roe, Kushiel, March, May, Norbit Drish, November, October, Puriel, Remember Bennett, September, Sorry Kushiel‚ Even Puriel Won't Use The Name Nihil For Sariel's Daughter. So He Went With Spark Instead., Spark, Theia, Uncategorized, You'd Never Know That December Was Technically Blind. Of Course‚ Having Daredevil Powers Helps. Heretical Edge