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Wed 2019.02.06

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Patreon Snippets 6 Abigail Fellows, Edeva Atherby, Gabriel Prosser, Goddamn It‚ Me‚ Stop Making Pericles' Death Even Worse., Guinevere/Lancelot, Hang On‚ Mr. Drive-By Exposition‚ WHY Are Pieces Of Arthur's Skeleton Buried Around Crossroads?, It Basically Got Skimmed Right Over‚ But Puriel Recognizing That Theia Killed Kushiel To Save Her Host And Not Showing Disgust At That Is Kind Of Huge., Joshua Atherby, Karlee, Lyell Atherby, Pace, Percival, Puriel, Remember Bennett, Seller, Somehow‚ Being Thrown In A Lake Seems About Right For Kushiel's Monument On Earth., Spark, Teures, Theia, Uncategorized Heretical Edge

Wed 2019.01.09

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Mini-Interlude 74 – Historical Figures Part B Boy It's A Good Thing I Double-Checked Whether The Oval Office Existed At That Point Partway Through Writing That Scene Taking Place There., Careful Vanessa‚ If You Keep Leaving Vague Clues Around Waiting For People To Stumble Across Your Deep Life Lessons‚ Hogwarts Might Make You Headmaster., Columbus Porter, Joshua Atherby, Theodore Roosevelt, This Story Now Has Theodore Roosevelt As A Tag. I'd Just Like That Noted., Tristan Moon, Uncategorized, Vanessa Moon Heretical Edge

Sun 2018.11.25

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Bonus Interlude – Joselyn Edge Visions At Least We Know Where Flick Gets Her 'Distracted By Attractive Things' Trait., Joselyn Atherby, Joselyn Chambers, Joshua Atherby, That's Okay‚ I Didn't Need All That Liquid In My Eyes Anyway., Tiras, Uncategorized, Virginia Dare Heretical Edge