Mitigating Qidian's annoying feeds

If you follow any of the novels posted by Qidian, you've probably noticed the annoying interstitial pages they publish for their RSS feeds, as well as the fact that the latest few chapters of every series are hidden behind a watch-an-ad/paywall.

This is annoying, as it generally means you're a few chapters behind what the site thinks is the "latest" chapter, because you can't actually view those chapters yet, making one's watches somewhat confusing.

As such, I've implemented a feed parser module that both unwraps the feed-interstitial page, and properly ignores releases you can't actually view. This should make following Qidian series much more pleasant, because you won't be falsely alerted for new chapters that aren't yet actually available.

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Latest Translated Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra Group/Host
Escape Galge 17 Nakimushi
The King's Avatar 1005 Qidian International
The King's Avatar 1004 Qidian International
Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta. 212 Asian Hobbyist
Aloof King and Cold (Acting) Queen 35 BlackMaskedphantom
Still, Wait For Me 264 Volare Translations
Hedonist Soverein 331 Gravity Tales
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 577 Rebirth Online
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady 578 Rebirth Online
Screen Partner 15 Translating Tolerably
World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort 18 Isohungry Translations
Emperor's Domination 1370 Wuxiaworld
Ancient Godly Monarch 1016 Qidian International
Ancient Godly Monarch 1015 Qidian International
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao 164 Volare Translations
Emperor of the Human Way 1 184 Gravity Tales
100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet 276 Qidian International
Tales of Herding Gods 88 Qidian International
Terror Infinity 21 2-2 Wuxiaworld
A Monster Who Levels Up 143 Fantasy-Books
Peerless Battle Spirit 474 Gravity Tales
Tales of Herding Gods 87 Qidian International
100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet 275 Qidian International
Super Gene 296 Qidian International
Super Gene 297 Qidian International
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss 189 Qidian International
Super Gene 295 Qidian International
GJ Bu 2 Extras Haraguro Scans
Why Not Soar Your Majesty 52 Soupy translations
GJ Bu 2 36 Haraguro Scans
GJ Bu 2 35 Haraguro Scans
All-Duties Mage 122 Gravity Tales
GJ Bu 2 34 Haraguro Scans
Emperor's Domination 1369 Wuxiaworld
GJ Bu 2 33 Haraguro Scans
GJ Bu 2 32 Haraguro Scans
Heavenly Jewel Change 246 Wuxiaworld
Monster Paradise 417 Qidian International
Carefree Path of Dreams 32 Qidian International
Fantastic Creatures' Travelogue 235 Qidian International
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
Lone: The Wanderer 3 40 Book 3 Chapter 40: History and Scarf
L.I.F.E. Begins 42 L.I.F.E. Begins 042: Circuit Racing
Mythran's Master Of All - Continued 535 Chapter 535 - Share, Share Alike
Sylph Resurgence 3 24 Book 3 Chapter 24: Trial of the 4 Banners
The Zombie Knight 175-1627
Legends of Gods. Tale of Vjaira. 3 107 Book 3. Chapter 107. Overwhelming.
Dream of Eternity 65 Chapter 65 – Cultivating at Emerald Sea
Dream of Eternity 64 Chapter 64 – Underwater Mansion
Dream of Eternity 63 Chapter 63 – The enraged Old Master
I've Been Summoned as a Hero ...I'm a God Though 41 Chapter 41 - A Matter of Shadows
Lucy Wickshire 11 2 Arc 11 part 2
One Man's Journey 15
In A New Life 16 When Talking Of The Future, In A New Life
Dream Game: Fighting for my Desires 1 26 V.1 Ch.26 - Disapointing
Magikind 22-5 Chapter 22: Maiden Battle (part 5)
Lied 5 Chapter 5 - Iduma
Transformers Reborn 11 Minicons (Chapter 11)
The Demon Lord who wished to be a Hero 12 Chapter 12 - Some Quality time with a Buddy, in a Dungeon. How Wonderful.
Tales of The Heroic Kingdoms 26 Chapter Twenty-Six: Only The Second Day
Supervillain 3 Wild Hunt 3
Savage Divinity 315
The Traveler with a Pen (TBD) -The Bandits' Cave-
Making the best of a Betrayal 6 Chapter 6: A strange Captain
Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart 11 Episode 11.04
A Dragon's Curiosity 148
Diary of Erica Kron 252 Day 252
I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again! 348
The Traveler with a Pen (TBD) -Cleft, The Lost Village Girl-
The Red Lands 56 Chapter 56 -Great! Just Great!
I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again! 301 Chapter 301
How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis 312
Hardcore: Qi Worlds 221
Phoenix Rising 16 445 ARC 16: Chapter 445 - Hero Academy
The Power of Creation 133
TearFire Forest of Fairies : A Marriage of Coronation.
The Red Lands 55 Chapter 55 -Rebuilding
Fantasial Apocalypse 320 Chapter 320: [ Lama; The Lava Naga ]
Creation - The Path of a God 2 19 Chapter 19 (Book 2 - Zombie World)
The Godking's Legacy 2 8 Volume 2 Chapter 8 - The Great Poison Sect's Great Misfortune (1)
Queen of Devouring (World System Reworked) 3 38 Volume 3: Sealed World: Chapter 38.2 - Giant Kobold
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Latest RSS Feeds

Content Tags Group
[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 17 Escape Galge Protagonist Nakimushi
Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta Chapter 212 Akuya Asian Hobbyist
Magic Chef of Ice and Fire – Chapter 76.2 Magic Chef of Ice and Fire Radiant Translations
Chapter 35: Jealousy Aloof King BlackMaskedPhantom
SWFM Chapter 264 Still Wait For Me Volare Translations
068 – Upward Mobility Gang, Lawrence, Reggie, Sarah, Tone, Wendy Entirely Presenting You
Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 331! Gravity Tales
ROW: TGFNSYL 577 Rebirth Online World
ROW: TGFNSYL 578 Rebirth Online World
Screen Partner Chapter 15 Screen Partner, SP, Uncategorized Translating Tolerably
World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 18 World of Chaos Isohungry Translations
Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1370: One Against Two Emperor’s Domination WuxiaWorld
The Amber Sword Volume 3 Chapter 115 part 3 The Amber Sword Wolfie Honyaku
UPX Chapter 164 Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao Volare Translations
[HTK] Third Release Releases Noodletown Translated
FSTSG Chapter 2
Rise of Humanity - Volume 1 - Chapter 184 Gravity Tales
第一百六十五节:声名大噪! ri Comrade Mao
第一百六十四节:以一对七 终 ri Comrade Mao
第一百六十三节:以一对七 下 ri Comrade Mao
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