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I've Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can't Seem to Get out of Being Jobless 10 404 Tseirp Translations
Ace of the Dragon Division 668 Noodletown Translated
From The Strongest Job of Dragon Knight, To The Beginner Job Carrier, Somehow, The Heroes are Depending on Me 4 20 Light Novels Translations
Yuan Zun 823 Wuxiaworld
Stepmother, Do Not Escape From Me 18 Sofanovel
Her High Scores Husband In Libido 17 Sofanovel
Secret Baby On The Way 15 Sofanovel
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor 1221 Fantasy-Books
Mistress, I Was Wrong 41 Yami Translates
Sword Edge 50 IdleTurtle Translations
The Disabled Tyrant's Pet Palm Fish [Transmigration] 22 Infinite
I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace 248 Foxaholic
I Run a Gas Station in the Northwest 3 Orokin Central
The Imperious President and His Pampered Young Wife 19 Flying-Lines
Legend of Concubine's Daughter Minglan 292 Flying-Lines
PUBG Online Romance of the Century 99 Chrysanthemum Garden
Ranker's Return 265 Wuxiaworld
Everyone is Young Except for Me 267 Wuxiaworld
Star Odyssey 195 Wuxiaworld
I Became A Big Star After I Quit The Entertainment Industry 13 UntamedAlley
I'm Raking in Billions in the Aristocracy 11 UntamedAlley
Marshal's Cannon Fodder Spouse [Transmigration] 34 UntamedAlley
Corpse Wins After The End Of The World 36 UntamedAlley
Stimulating To Be Raised By A Virtual Lover 9 UntamedAlley
Great At Acting, Now I'm Reborn 34 UntamedAlley
A Hundred Ways To Kill A Heartthrob 31 UntamedAlley
Fortunate Pregnancy, Forced Marriage: Boss is Addicted to Pampering His Wife 10-1 JS Translations1
Fortunate Pregnancy, Forced Marriage: Boss is Addicted to Pampering His Wife 10-2 JS Translations1
Otherworldly Merchant 384 Wuxiaworld
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex 1062 Machine Sliced Bread
Overgeared 1314 Wuxiaworld
Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home 370 Veratales
Cheonma wants to live quietly 53 NovelMultiverse
Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut in Center Position 19 Chrysanthemum Garden
Jiang Jiu 37 Iced Latte No Ice
Love Code at the End of the World 4 110 Wuxiaworld
It's My Turn to Take the Stage to Fly 7 Snowy Codex
After Rebirth, I Was Entangled with the Tyrant 14 Wjm-Mtl
After Rebirth, I Was Entangled with the Tyrant 15 Wjm-Mtl
Rebirth of the Marquis' Di Daughter 40-1 JS Translations1
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Latest OEL Releases

View Series Vol Chap Extra
The Extra Summon 6 Extra Summon: Chapter 6: Farewell Palace, Hello Mercenary Guild
The Dragon's Flower 8 255
Rise of the Weakest Summoner 12
Apocalyptic Diary 15
The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen 5
Beneath the Dragoneye Moons 21
I Killed Myself but Woke Up in Another World 19 Chapter 19 - I Wish I was a Vulture
I Killed Myself but Woke Up in Another World 19
Cinnamon Bun: A Wholesome LitRPG 121
Medieval Terror 13
Fluff 32
Stray Cat Strut ⁠— A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai 71
When Isekai Goes Wrong 2
Rebirth of Abium 22
Path of the Ancients 8
Tome of the Body 26
Undetermined 260
Upside Down 146-2
Side Effects 25
World Evolution : Terra 2
Returning 30
YAHALUE! (fanfiction) 6 6. Selling Axealot
Sweet Minds 13 Chapter 13
YAHALUE! (fanfiction) 6
Beyond The Grey Skies 87-3 Chapter XXVIII: Prepare - Part Three
What Comes After 13-4 Chapter 13, Part 4
Enigma's Multiverse 33
The Domain of Life 5 Start of an Arms Race
Powerless 3
Conflicts of Eriador stories 13 House Oiomiril (WIP)
Husband, Let's Meet IRL 8
The Spider's Lair 1-5 Chapter 1 - Part 5
Blood Imperium 4 Chapter 4
Prophecy Approved Companion 12
Realm of Monsters 10
Viscount's Rise 150
Soul Blood 11 Eleven: Negotiations
I Can't Handle My Little Sister 7
Grey Mage 4 Chapter 4: Toshiro
The Visitors 56 Chapter 56: Gone Astray
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Executed Sage 16 The Executed Sage Is Reincarnated as a Lich and Starts an All-Out War, The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression, undead sage Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
PSYCH Ch61 - He’s Just An Ordinary Person Psychic Chrysanthemum Garden
Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece Chapter 159 Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece Insanity Cave
Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 76 Fortunately, You Like Me Too
Fortunately, You Like Me too Chapter 75 Fortunately, You Like Me Too
The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting Chapter 32 The Rich Woman Is No Longer Acting
GC V10C404 Growth Cheat Tseirp Translations
MTTP Ch.9 Rumors (1) Uncategorized ShainaG Translations
Ch.25 – Does Love at First Sight Exist in Esports? DLFSEE Gooseberry TL
Chapter 94 : To The Palace Quit The Empress Piooky
Galactic Navy Officer Chapter 58 Part 1 Galactic Navy Officer Light Novels Translations !
Cop Craft: Dragnet Mirage Reloaded Volume 1 Chapter 3.2 Cop Craft Light Novels Translations !
Starship Chapter 136 Space Mercenary Light Novels Translations !
Chapter 79: Just a Vet TOTFCS, Transmigration of the Famous Cyber Star Vandez Translations
I’m back! Uncategorized Mocchinotranslations
Tuesday Release – [AOTDD] Chapter 668, [AMM] Chapter 163 AMM, AOTDD, Releases Noodletown Translated
OIAA Chapter 88 This Omega is Immune to All Abilities Chrysanthemum Garden
Dragon Knight To Carrier Volume 4: Chapter 20 Dragon Knight to Carrier Light Novels Translations !
[UD] Chapter 12 part 1 Announcement, Translations, Underground Doctor
Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 823 Pavilion Master of Wind Pavilion Dragon Prince Yuan WuxiaWorld
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