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Wed 2019.10.02

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Fusion 1-03 (Heretical Edge 2) Abigail Fellows, Asenath, Avalon Sinclaire, Choo, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gus, Heretical Edge, Hisao, Jaq, Jason Furuya, Kaev, Miranda Wallbern, Miss Handsy, Porthos, Rovon Reinswield, Shiori Porter, So They're All Going To Live Ten People To A House In A Private Neighborhood? This Is A Weird Remake Of Big Brother., Tabbris, Virginia Dare, With Reinswield Showing Up‚ This Is Apparently 'Plotlines You Thought Were Abandoned Or Forgotten - The Arc'. Heretical Edge

Fri 2018.03.09

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Lessons 32-04 An Entire Chapter Revolving Around Just New Character Interaction And A Simple Meal Without A Single Massive Revelation Or Dramatic Cliffhanger? What Is This‚ The First Arc?, Bandy, Chef Escalan and Chef Gisby Should Probably Never Ever Meet. We Have Enough Civil Wars Brewing As It Is., Chef Gisby, Demeas, Don't Worry About How Little Time Has Passed‚ Flick. The Next Few Chapters Will Be All 'And Then Three Days Passed‚ And Then A Week Passed‚ etc!', Felicity Chambers, Flick, Kisea, Meley, Miss Handsy, Reft, Richton, Tabbris, Uncategorized Heretical Edge
Lessons 32-02 Demeas, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Kisea, Meley, Miss Handsy, Nimue/Athena, Richton, Rovon Reinswield, Tabbris, Talk About Giving Whole New Meaning To 'Walking On Sunshine'., Uncategorized, You Know‚ Most People With The Nickname Of 'Miss Handsy' Wouldn't Be Let Anywhere Near A Middle School. Heretical Edge