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Mon 2020.02.24

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Commissioned Interlude 5 -Avalon and Tabbris (Heretical Edge 2) Avalon Sinclaire, Heretical Edge, Salten, Tabbris, Tabbris Needed A Hug‚ She Just Didn't Expect It To Come From The One Being There With No Arms., Watch Tabbris's Theriangelos Turn Out To Be A Giant Spider Or Something. One That Is Somehow Adorable. Heretical Edge

Mon 2019.10.07

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Fusion 1-04 (Heretical Edge 2) Avalon Sinclaire, Choo, Columbus Porter, Douglas Frey, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Gus, Heretical Edge, Jaq, Jason Furuya, Kersel, Miranda Wallbern, Porthos, Rebecca Jameson, Rhino-Raphael, Salten, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, Triss, Virginia Dare, Whether You Think A Gordon Ramsay Heretic Would Be Understanding & Informative Or Yelly & Insulting Depends On Whether You Watch The British Or American Shows., Yes‚ The Lupera Are Why So Many Believe Vampires and Werewolves Hate Each Other. The Akharu Have A Similar-Looking Ancestral Enemy. Heretical Edge

Fri 2019.09.27

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Fusion 1-02 (Heretical Edge 2) Avalon Sinclaire, Columbus Porter, Dare's Just Trying To Maintain Narrative Balance. If Flick Had More Than One Herbie‚ Nothing Would Ever Pose A Threat., Deveron Adams, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Heretical Edge, Hold On‚ You Mean That Space Station Flick Lived At For A Few Weeks Was Introduced For A REASON?, Jason Furuya, Koren Fellows, Lincoln Chambers, Miranda Wallbern, Per Kersel, Rebecca Jameson, Sahveniah, Salten, Shiori Porter, Tabbris, Triss Laja, Tristan Moon, Vanessa Moon, Virginia Dare, Wait‚ Triss And Tristan? No Wonder They Get Along‚ She's Clearly His Secret Feline Female Clone Or Something. Heretical Edge
Summer Epilogue 20 – Avalon and Miranda (Heretical Edge) Avalon Sinclaire, Heretical Edge, Hey‚ While The Garden People Are Puttering Around In The Gulf Of Mexico‚ Maybe They Can Do Something About That Oil Spill Problem., I Swear‚ If It Turns Out Grandfather Just *Had* To Teleport To Another Earth Because The McRib Was Back Over There..., Miranda Wallbern, Porthos, Salten, Seller, Silly Miranda‚ Using Food To Bribe Avalon Into Not Training Doesn't Even Work When There's A Flick Attached. Heretical Edge

Fri 2019.04.12

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Summer Epilogue 3 – The Hunted (Heretical Edge) Avalon Sinclaire, Choo, Felicity Chambers, Flick, Great‚ Now I'm Picturing 'Drill Sergeant Salten' With A Military Hat And Whistle., Gus, Heretical Edge, Jaq, Kaste, Porthos, Salten, Shiori Porter, Wait Until Avalon Uses Her Development-Track Skills To Build Armor And Mounted Weaponry For Salten. Heretical Edge

Mon 2017.08.07

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Interlude 24A – Koren and Miranda It's A Rare Story That 'And Then The Flying Deer Landed On The Tree Branch' Actually Makes Sense And ISN'T A Christmas Story., Josie, Koren Fellows, Kumiko, Lies, Miranda, Pace, Salten, Seller, Uncategorized, Weston - Dude - Even Fossor Thinks You're Pretty Damn Creepy Right Now., Weston Marrero Heretical Edge

Wed 2016.12.14

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Mini-Interlude 12 – Seller and Abigail Abigail Fellows, Future Scene: Avalon And Salten Trampling Trice While 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer' Plays With His Name Substituted., I Await The People Screaming About Me Cutting The Chapter Off There Before Seller's Detailed Response., Salten, Seller, Uncategorized Heretical Edge